SWVA Gaming: Presents Special Needs Autistic Players Event - Sept. 26th 11 am

Eventbrite - SWVA Gaming: Special Needs Autistic Players Event

Special Needs Autistic Players - S.N.A.P. - Hosted by GameStop of the Bristol Mall.

Please join us at the Bristol Mall on September 26th at 11am for a fun-filled day of Super Smash Bros. gaming on the Wii-U. Gaming location is across from the Bristol Mall GameStop in the former RadioShack store. Games will be provided. This event is free, pre-registration is strongly suggested.

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What people are saying

This was such a baller event.
— Expert on Baller Events
I’ve never had more fun outside of my house.
— Local hermit
At one point, someone literally died from too much fun.
— Lebanon Paramedic