Sponsorship Details

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Southwest Virginia Gaming! As a 100% (unregistered) non-profit group, sponsor contributions make huge impacts at our events. We make every attempt to really go above-and-beyond when it comes to promoting our partners to our community. It's people like you who make our events so worthwhile for the gamers in the Tri-Cities region!

How will your company be promoted?

Platinum Sponsors | $1500+ in prizes or monetary support

Maximum of Five

  • All perks granted to Gold and Silver sponsors, plus...
  • Radio:  60-second radio announcements and 10-second tags. Sponsor mentions rotated through the 10-second tags, and embedded in the 60-second radio. Radio schedules on three highly rated local stations.
  • Cross-channel insertion: 30-second TV Spots promoting event, tagged with BVU and sponsoring company logos that run on our cable system. Reaches 10K subscribers, as well as ancillary viewers. (Company specific 30-second TV spot, if available, may also be inserted for sponsor promotion. 250 insertions)
  • Pre-roll Internet advertising:  30-second spots promoting event, tagged with BVU and sponsoring company logos run as pre-roll advertising on Internet based key word searches
  • Posters:  Large (24" x 36") color posters are printed for high traffic areas throughout the surrounding cities and campuses. Every poster will prominently display your logo for the event.
  • Banners: Logos included on 4’ x 8’ banners displayed prominently through the event venue before, during, and immediately following the event.
  • T-Shirts:  Prominent logo placement on all event t-shirts.
  • Platinum sponsors may send a team to set up an on-site booth in high-traffic floor space.

Gold Sponsors | $750+ in prizes or monetary support

  • All perks granted to Silver sponsors, plus...
  • Event:  You are not limited to the size or quantity of posters and banners to hang up during the event, and you will always receive priority placement (e.g., dedicated tables, tournament sections, etc.).
  • Flyers:  Your brand will be prominently placed on our standard sized flyers promoting the event, which are hung around surrounding cities and campuses.
  • Social Media: Special announcements are made to Facebook and Twitter announcing your organization as a confirmed sponsor for our upcoming event, with links to our Sponsors page so they can easily find your brand.

Silver Sponsors | Any contribution, large or small

  • Web-banners:  Every organization that provides support, large or small, will have their logo placed on our Sponsors page with a  direct link to their website.
  • Swag:  Your organization may send an unlimited amount of swag (pens, stickers, mouse pads, t-shirts, etc.) for us to hand out during our event. Common uses for sponsor swag include welcome kits, door prizes, raffles, and more!

Please take a minute to fill out the form below and we will get back to you, usually the same day. As always, we are extremely thankful for organizations like yours who see the benefits of partnering with this type of event, and are willing to offer support!

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