SWVA Gaming : VII






SWVA Gaming : VII

September 14th, 2013

Noon - Midnight

Russell County Conference Center

$15.00 / $20.00

The time has come for our seventh major LAN! We haven't changed much since SWVA Gaming : VI, but the changes we have made are worth mentioning! As most of you are aware, our last major LAN was our largest ever with over 80 gamers, geeks and PC enthusiasts in attendance. Our goal for SWVA Gaming : VII is to hit 100 gamers for the first time ever! We're super excited about how much we've grown, and we're even more excited about where we're headed.

So, with that, below is a list of things we've changed for this and future LANs. Please keep in mind, these decisions were made to better accommodate the events and attendees as a whole, and are by no means intended to upset anyone.

Where's the food?

Change of plans! We will have Papa John's pizza on site for all attendees!

The first (and probably the most drastic) change we've made is that we will no longer be providing food for our guests. We've been providing free and unlimited food for everyone since we started hosting major LANs, and we agree it's been a huge benefit. The problem we've run into is how fast we as a community have grown; it's simply impossible to accommodate all of our guests and what is expected when we advertise "free food". If you're semi-new to our LANs, to give you an idea of our growth, we've gone from roughly 30 gamers to over 80 in under two years. Based on feedback from our post-event surveys, it seems that the food (pizza) we typically provide has been sub-par, and lower quality than is expected. Given our location, we have no real way to rectify this given our budget. In the future, we are considering having food on-hand for sale; these details still need to be worked out though, and will not be available at SWVA Gaming : VII. We do want to continue our commitment to provide free drinks for everyone though - all night, all you want; we will still have unlimited soda and water for every attendee. The decision to discontinue free pizza for everyone leads into our next change for SWVA Gaming : VII...

Pre-registration Discounts

It's not fair of us to take away free food and charge the same admission. Because of our new stance on free food, we're going to start offering early registration discounts for all of our tickets - PC, tabletop and console. This will help to offset the cost of buying food for yourself for the night, but will also help us in planning for drinks, tournaments, and general event details. Having an accurate headcount before the day of the LAN is a huge help for us, and we think this might be a way to encourage the community to rsvp ahead of time.  As you can see above, the price for this LAN is set at $15.00 early registration and $20.00 the week of / at-the-door.

Limited Seating for PCs

Because of our rapid growth, and due to the power constraints of the conference center, we're going to be limiting this event to the first 40 PCs that register. We haven't decided yet on a hard limit, so we will also be implementing a waiting list through Eventbrite. Once we re-evaluate our power capacities, we may or may not open up additional seats for PC guests. Grab your seat soon! When PC seats fill up, we absolutely can not allow any additional PCs! We're going to work with the conference center to see how we can fit additional PCs at future events - and we will also be doing our own experimenting with power limits by slowing increasing the number of PCs we allow at each major event.

As far as major announcements, that about sums it up. We do hope the community understands our reasoning behind these changes, and we always welcome your feedback. We will be posting links on this page in the near future to our event schedule, tournaments, and other LAN related activities very soon so keep checking back! As always, we are looking very forward to seeing all of you at the LAN! -SWVA Gaming Staff

Posted on September 14, 2013 .