SWVA Gaming: IX

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May 2014. While not as many people attended this one, this was the largest PC event to date for SWVA Gaming. Since we could no longer coordinate with the console tournament company, it was decided to focus every effort into making this the best event for PC gamers from around the region. It paid off. There were over 70 PC users all partaking in some form of gaming fun.

But there will be more.

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SWVA Gaming: VII

September 14, 2013. This was our largest event in all aspects. We had 95 guests in total. Everyone in attendance were playing PC, consoles, and table top games which took a lot of help from the SWVA Gaming staff members! Sponsorship was through the roof for this event. We received over $4,000 worth of giveaways and you could feel the tension in the air as the competitions were coming to a close and winners were being announced.

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SWVA Gaming: VI

previous event

April 20, 2013. This is when the staff started to see the events potential come to fruition. There were 80+ people in attendance at this event. So much had changed from the first event, but the vision never stopped growing. Sponsors continued to sign up and send us plenty of gear to give out as prizes and general 'goodie' bags for EVERY guest. And then some.

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November 2012 and February 2013. The idea was to give something in between the major events for the gamers of the community to just get together and have fun. The focus was less on the competition since there were no prizes to be had, but more on feeling like a part of the community. There was no cost to gamers to attend this one, all were welcome to just plug in their computers and play all night.

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Russell County Conference Center 

As SWVA Gaming continued to grow at nearly every event, the need for a larger space with more power also grew. At the humble beginnings, there were about 20 people. By the time the 4th LAN event came around, there were 55 people. The short term goal after that was to hit 100 gamers all under one roof. That was accomplished by our 7th LAN when we nearly doubled in attendance in less than a year.

The Russell County Conference Center became the absolute best option for this growth rate, while also staying local to the region. The staff was always friendly and helped the event become what it is today.