SWVA Gaming: X

Eventbrite - SWVA Gaming: X

Date: April 9th, 2016

Time: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Location: Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

(Abingdon, VA -- Grand Hall)

General Admission: $10.00*

Spectator Pass:  $5.00**

BYOPC | Console | Tabletop

Event Capacity: 200

Officially Hosted Tournaments

Competitors:  We only permit guests to compete in one tournament at any given time. Tournament entry fees are non-refundable. We strongly encourage you to only preregister for a single tournament; if you get knocked out of your preferred tournament, you can still purchase an entry into another tournament (assuming it has not yet started) at the event.
(Click logos for tournament details and prize pools)

General Admission Guests

Though tournaments play a major role in our events, we're all about the atmosphere of just coming and hanging out with some like-minded gamers. We encourage everyone, competitive or not, to give our event a try. Whether you're competing or just hanging out, playing pick-up games with your friends, there will definitely be something for you. We'll be giving out swag-bags at the door, $1,000s in sponsored gear to just give away, and we also usually have pick-up events that our community throws together while the LAN is going on. We do our best to make sure our events are fun for both the competitive and casual gamers in the area.

* Early-Bird Price Ends March 15th. General Admission after early-bird expires: $15.00
** Spectator pass does not include console gaming, tabletop gaming, PC gaming, raffles, events, prizes, food or drinks.